What was that???

What was that???

It started with a low growl which almost sounded like a yawn and was quickly followed by a large cracking sound as the 30 metre tall tree in my neighbour’s garden decided it wanted to be horizontal rather than vertical.

As it fell, it demolished a fence line and came to rest against my neighbour’s garage.  Its roots completely lifted my fence and rose garden – but it was amazing that it did not do more damage.  Everyone was thankful that no-one was hurt.

It could have easily been much worse – for instance, if the tree had fallen the other way it certainly would have demolished my house and who knows what could have been the outcome?

When it happened we all rushed outside but it was pretty clear that there was not a lot that could be done in the wind and the rain.  So after the adrenalin wore off we went back to bed and listened to the wind and the rain as it continued to buffet the house.  The light of day made the carnage more real and again we were thankful that it was not much worse.

This last week we have had visits from the SES, the Fire Brigade and Arborists and they have started the clean up work.  Soon will come the fencing contractors and in a couple of weeks I am sure that this will become nothing more than a memory of a turbulent time.

Upheaval comes in a lot of forms and often when you are least expecting it:  Marriages which seemed secure can be uprooted; Careers which brought you satisfaction can come to an abrupt end; Health issues can completely change the way you live your life; Financial limitations can force you to have to downsize or even move; Pressures and stress can invade your life and challenge your mental health – and any one of these is worse than a tree falling in your front garden.

Often when things go wrong I know that it is up to me to fix them but this was different – there was no way I could fix this – it needed experts with heavy machinery to achieve the task and so they got on and did it and I am so thankful for their assistance.

So in the midst of your troubles don’t forget to let others help but also don’t forget the Lord who watches over you… “This poor man cried out, and the LORD heard him, And saved him out of all his troubles.”                    Psalms 34:6



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