Up in the air…

I hate things being ‘up in the air’…

I am not talking about airplanes, fireworks or hot air balloons but those times when portions of your life are less than settled… when plans you have made fall through, when decisions outside your control are taken on your behalf or when you are required to wait to see if what you want to happen is even possible.

When I started this year it looked like everything was wonderfully organised and that all was in order for a fairly simple and straightforward course.  I was confident, relaxed and ready to go but over the last few weeks a series of little things have become unclear and whilst each of them is not that significant on their own, when they are added together it feels as though everything is out of control.

Being unsure rocks your confidence; it causes stress and makes you question where you want to go and what you want to do.  I have found that it is never a good time to make a significant decision when I am in this predicament..but you have to do something.

There are many things which can arise like an unwelcome ‘storm’ in your life: You can have trouble at work; you can have trouble at home; you can lose your motivation for a task which you have previously been passionate about; you can make a mistake which rocks your confidence and causes you to doubt your own ability; you can get sick or become injured so that you can no longer do what you use to be able to do; you can be sidelined, fairly or unfairly and lose your sense of worth.

Any one of these on their own is bad enough but often circumstances conspire against us and we are buffeted from stormy winds on many sides, it is in the midst of those challenges that we really need assistance.

When things are troubled and you are surrounded by a storm, who do you call upon?

When the Disciples encountered a fierce storm that overwhelmed their professional fishermen’s hearts, they turned to Jesus who was comfortably resting in the boat.  Calling Him to help them He stood up… “rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, “Peace, be still!” And the wind ceased and there was a great calm.”                Mark 4:39-40

That is the peace I need – how about you?

All we have to do is remember that He is not troubled and He can provide a way through.


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