Down the Rabbit hole…

Rabbit holes, lots of teapots, weird signposts and more than a little craziness invaded my house last weekend… as we celebrated my daughter’s 18th birthday with an Alice in Wonderland party. 

Somewhere in the planning it was decided that all the family would dress up as characters from the story but before I knew it, all the parts I fancied had already been claimed:  The Mad Hatter; The White Rabbit; and Absalom the blue smoking caterpillar.  At one stage I thought that I was going to have to be the Walrus with rotund belly and appropriately…a walrus moustache or perhaps the Dodo. But finally I settled on the Cheshire Cat and started plans for my costume.  I went to the op-shop, brought a black pin-stripe suit, painted bright pink stripes upon it, attached the tail my daughter made and I was almost ready to go.  All I needed was the face paint. When complete it was really freaky to look at.  The large mouth, excessive teeth and the vibrant colours left everyone more than a little surprised and, I must say, uneasy.

Throughout the evening I passed several mirrors and I was constantly surprised by what I saw – there was this man dressed as a very scary looking cat which seemed to be planning to take a bite out of your neck.

At the party were a number of relatives and friends I had not seen for a while and it was interesting to try and have a serious conversation with them whilst still in costume, some at the party I had never met before and I wonder what they made of me, especially after I gave my speech dressed like that!

At the end of the evening it was good to take the face paint off, good to remove the costume and return to who I really was.

There are times in our lives when we play ‘dress ups’:  Times when we pretend to be someone we are not; Times when we ‘fake it till we make it’; Times when we are afraid to let the real ‘us’ show through; Times when we are trying to impress others or trying to influence them.

It is exhausting to imitate someone or something else; it is unstainable and can be dangerous.  Some people even try and play that game with God – they pretend to be someone they are not. But the fact is that the Lord is waiting for us to approach Him with ‘unveiled’ faces – He knows you, so stop pretending to be someone else!

The Cast of Alice in Wonderland


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