My car underwent a slight but significant remodelling last week when it came into contact with the wall of my garage.  The damage was not too bad but bad enough to bend a few panels, redefine the shape of the bumper, and smash the glass of the headlight.

I spent a few hours at the repairer getting quotes and talking insurance and it is going to be a few weeks before my car can be booked in to have its repairs so until then I will be driving around with a car looking as though it has lost a tooth and gained a black eye in a punch up!

To make sure that the car was road worthy I had to tape some clear plastic over the broken glass of the headlight.  Using black gaff tape this had the added effect of making it look like my car is now wearing eyeliner!

However, the really interesting moment came the next time I drove my car at night.  When I turned on the lights I realised that one of my headlights was now pointing in very much the wrong direction…in fact, when I put my high beams on I could look for possums in the trees at the side of the road whilst still driving forwards!

This was not very helpful and it was very distracting for other drivers and needed to be adjusted or else it could end up with me not making it to the destination I was headed for or worse.

‘Adjustments’ to our point of view come in many different shapes and forms; often they are unwelcome or completely unexpected – An action of physical or emotional violence, a loss of a significant item or individual, a failure on your part or someone else’s.  They can leave us beaten up and cause our eyes to be pointing in the wrong direction.

“Look to Me, and be saved, All you ends of the earth! For I am God, and there is no other.”  Isaiah 45:22

The problem with my car is that it is looking in the wrong direction and unless an adjustment is made, that will never change.

The question is… Are you looking in the right direction or are you a bit askew because of the experiences which have come your way?

Don’t be satisfied with looking for possums when the Lord has a better destination and hope for you to experience!


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