Don’t burn the Toast!

The screech of the smoke alarm sounds and I immediately realise that for the second time this week I have burnt my toast!  The reason I have burnt my toast is because I am yet to find a toaster that is effective and consistent in its delivery of a suitable product.

On a modern toaster you will find several features, on a certain toaster’s website the following description appears…

Split carriage independent control 2 or 4 slices

Variable browning control 0 – 15

High Lift facility

Frozen, re-heat, crumpet and cancel functions

Self centring toasting slots

Removable crumb tray

Full electronic anti-jam technology…

This seems like a lot of technology for what is essentially a simple task – you can cook a good piece of toast in front of a wood fire after all, and even I know that you shouldn’t be putting jam in a toaster!

With all these features it would appear that nothing could possibly go wrong and yet…I still burn my toast.  The reason it happens is because lots of different people use the toaster and each one of them likes their toast a little differently.


Some like it light brown and soft (setting 3), others like it dark brown and crunchy (setting 9).  So if the last person to use the toaster wanted their toast light brown they turn the knob more towards 3, but then when I cook my toast (forgetting to adjust the setting) it is too light, so I push it down once more but 2 x 3’s don’t make a 6! It sets off the smoke alarm!

There is nothing nice or acceptable about toast that is charcoal black and stiffer than a piece of plywood.  It just ends up getting thrown away, undercooked toast is a little better but let’s be honest, it’s just a piece of slightly warm bread!


We all have our preferences and we all have our reactions when our preferences don’t materialise.

The Lord Jesus has His preferences as well, He would rather us be ‘cold or hot’ towards Him because being ‘lukewarm’ makes Him sick.

In other words better to have a response to Him than just keep sitting on the fence.

So however you like your toast, think for a moment about whether your life is pleasing to Him or are you setting off a smoke alarm?


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