Lest We Forget…

I have forgotten the name of my year 2 teacher in primary school.  I have forgotten how to do quadratic equations.  I have forgotten where the really nice Indian restaurant was in Pymble that I used to visit.  I have forgotten appointments that I made but didn’t write down.  I have forgotten to bring home the milk.  I have forgotten people and different incidents from my past.  I have forgotten many things as I am sure you have as well. But this week is a week where we are challenged to remember.


ANZAC Day is a day set aside to recall all of those men and women who have served their country by giving their lives in wars or military operations to protect and secure our future.  In each generation we have had people who have stood up to take their place in the defence of our nation and have paid the ‘ultimate sacrifice’ for their devotion.  All around our nation we stand silently in remembrance as we listen to the words of “The Ode” and in unison we respond with “Lest we forget”.

It is both a remembrance and a call to each of us to keep the memory of significant action and a demonstration of love alive.

If one generation fails to remember then who will pass it to the next?   


I am always encouraged by the number of people who prove their remembrance by attending an ANZAC event.  It is both a sign of national pride and a sign of faithfulness and appreciation.

I know that as I work with members of the ADF this remembrance is appreciated and valued more than you know.


Jesus said “Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends”

John 15:13

So, I thank you for remembering the ANZACs this week, I thank you for remembering all those who follow in their example but I also encourage you never to forget the One who gave His life for us all so that we need not fear death.


So no matter how many things you have forgotten, no matter if everything that was poured into your mind at school has fallen out – let’s not forget those things that really matter and let’s together say… “Lest we forget”.


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