No more pain!

I was quite relaxed and thought that everything was going to be fine until she said…

“I hope you are ready for this?”

“What do you mean?”  

“Well, this is going to hurt!”

I was scheduled to have an injection of Cortisone into my foot to relieve some pain I have been having for the last few months.  I had the scan, discussed the diagnosis and now I was about to have the treatment but I was feeling much less confident than I had been a few moments before.

I was left in the treatment room alone with my thoughts, wondering just how painful it really would be and whether I should just put up with the pain I already have but then the doctor came in – now I had to go through with it – didn’t I?

I was hoping that she would make me feel better but then she said “This is really going to hurt – so feel free to cry, scream or whatever you like, just don’t move your foot”. 

“Don’t move my foot? – Watch my foot running out the door!”  is what I thought but I sat there because I didn’t want to be a woose.

The next few moments were interesting because I prepared myself for the worst and it just didn’t happen.

First came the sterilizing alcohol wipe – a bit cold but no problem.

Then came the local anaesthetic – a needle, a little pain but nothing out of the ordinary.

Finally the Cortisone injection – which I hardly felt because of the anaesthetic.

“Are you OK?” “That didn’t seem too bad?”

I was really surprised; I seemed to almost have disappointed them with my lack of response.

They told me that a lot of people complain that this is one of the worst pains they have experienced and that my response was quite rare.

In fact, I began to wonder whether they had done the procedure correctly or perhaps I am just really tough (probably not!).

The reality is that we all feel pain differently.  Physical, emotional and relational pain touches each one of us and we all have to handle it. I wish we could all live ‘pain free’ all of the time but that is an unhelpful fiction that sets us up for disappointment. But there is a great promise waiting for us all… for on that last day “God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain…” Revelation 21:4


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