So close but so far away

So close…but so far away.

I am writing this article as quickly as I can because there is something I have to do.

For the last 5 days the sand upon the beach of the Gold Coast has been calling to me.

My wife and I have been at a conference and we are staying in a really nice “Ocean View” room, we can see the waves, we can smell the sea, we can even hear the sounds of kids playing as they run up and down, but we are yet to set foot on it!

The conference we are attending has had a very high tempo but coupled with that it has seemed that every moment has been taken up with additional meetings or opportunities to catch up but now – finally –  that is all done and we have the next two days free to enjoy (as soon as this article is finished).

I have often heard people say that ‘close enough is good enough’ and the fact is that it is just not true.  Bridges would fail if they were constructed under this method, relationships would disintegrate if approached in this manner, and surgery would very frightening indeed if this was the motto written above the surgeon’s desk!

Being ‘near’ something comes in as a poor second to being ‘with’ that person or activity.

It has been nice to look at the beach from a distance but it will pale into insignificance when compared to the long walk on the sand that I am about to take.

There are probably things that you are waiting for an opportunity to experience, there may be things that you can see that you just cannot touch because of your schedule or other obstacles which are in the way.  I hope that you are actively working towards touching those things which are important and that you are not satisfying yourself with being a permanent spectator rather than participant.

People often approach their relationship to God in this same manner, they are happy to observe from a distance but they never get around to walking on the beach with Him.

James the brother of Jesus, put it like this… “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you…” (4:8)

So today, perhaps it is time to stop looking at the things of God from afar and to take a step and try walking with Him – I assure you that it will be even better than you imagine!


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