Which keys would you press?

One moment it was there and then suddenly it was gone!

Mild panic was immediately replaced with the knowledge that I could press ‘Ctrl-Z’ and my last action would be undone!

I have a few favourite keys on my computer and by far the ‘undo’ key is at the top of my list.

I love the fact that when I make a mistake I can immediately reverse it and go back to my last ‘safe’ place.  It would be great if I could have an ‘undo’ key for my life – there are many times when I would like to have taken a step back, unspoken a harsh word or unspent an unwise purchase.

I would also like an ‘Esc’ key that would take me on an immediate holiday, the ‘Shift’ key would be nice if it moved an awkward person out of my way, I wish ‘Insert’ would add money to my bank account and it would be perfect if   

‘Home’ immediately transported me to my favourite spot on my own lounge!

Unfortunately, none of these are available.

We live life in one direction.  From day to day we are the product of what has gone before and of the choices we have made.  We can ask forgiveness and make restitution when required but it is not quite the same as ‘undo’.  Some seasons in our life go better than others but occasionally there comes a time when you would like a complete start over.  There is one feature on my computer that I rarely like to use but it is there if everything else fails and things just freeze.  If I press ‘Ctrl-Alt-Del’ then my computer will restart – the problem will be gone and I can move on. 

The Bible actually promises us the opportunity to start over – it is when we hand over the reigns of our life to the Lord Jesus and start again letting Him have total control.  It is called being ‘born again’ and it is the ultimate ‘Ctrl-Alt-Del’.

So no matter what mistakes you have made today or in the past, no matter what you have done or failed to do, there is always hope and the reality of a fresh start.  All you have to do is know the right buttons to press!


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