Happy Birthday Your Majesty!

Happy Birthday Your Majesty!

This weekend sees us all benefit from the date that is set aside for us to celebrate the Queen’s Birthday.  Interestingly enough her actual birthday is the 21st April so she gets twice as many celebrations as you or I do but I am happy for the public holiday just as I am sure you are!

On the ‘Official’ Queen’s Birthday a list of ‘Honours’ is published and as much as I may hope that my name will appear it is highly unlikely again this year.

Honours are given when people make huge contributions to society, in Government, Education or the Arts; for Veterinary science or contributions to the Defence force; for work with charity or conspicuous care for those in need; for service to the community or for commendations for gallantry, the Police get a mention as do the Ambulance and Emergency services.  I wonder who will be on this list this year – you perhaps?

It would be interesting if they gave out honours for everyday actions – people may be awarded with ‘The best making of a queensized bed’ or ‘The straightest mowing of a nature strip’ or ‘consistent lining up of garbage bins on a Thursday night’.  You could have children awarded with ‘eating their vegetables without grumbling’ or ‘being consistently kind to their siblings for 72 hours’.  What would be on your list of awards if you got to write them?

The thing I like about the Queen’s Birthday Honours is that generally they have not been sought after – the recipients have just been busy doing what they believed in and the ‘honour’ came along all by itself.  If you are just doing good works to gain the honour then you have really missed the whole point.

The Bible speaks a lot about Honour – it reminds us that the Lord deserves our honour but that we can receive honour for those actions that are performed in the right way. The key is that it is not about ‘parading’ our actions for everyone to see.  There is a recurring statement regarding charity, good works, spiritual disciplines and general benevolence – it simply says “your Father who sees in secret will Himself reward you openly” (Matthew 6:4)

So I hope your name is on the Queen’s List this weekend but if its not, don’t despair – the Lord sees who you are and what you really do!


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