What would you replace?

I made quite a few visits to hospital this week to visit my Father following knee replacement surgery. It has been a while coming and he has been struggling with the immobility and the pain but this is now an opportunity for a fresh start and for a spring to return to his step. 

While I was visiting I happened to see a number of people who had other surgery as well:  I saw one man with a hip replacement; several elbow reconstructions; a new shoulder and one woman with both knees having been done at once.

Knowing that there was a transplant wing upstairs in made me think (just for a moment) about what I might like to have replaced.

I could go for a neck replacement and gain the extra couple of centimetres so I could actually say I am 6 foot tall.  I could get my hamstrings replaced so I could finally touch my toes.  I could get new eyes so that I don’t need to wear glasses (green ones I think!). I could get a brain replacement so I can finally understand the attraction of day time soap operas.

Just wondering…if I get a hand transplant from someone who is left-handed, would that make me ambidextrous?

There might be something about you that you would like replaced: maybe a knee that hurts when you kneel for too long; a back that is just not as flexible as it used to be, a joint that makes an unhealthy noise or something else that is not quite right…we live in a day where so many things can be fixed but not everything.

Our physical bodies are destined eventually to fail and while this is a little bit of a morbid thought, it is a reality.  We can renew our lives with healthy living and exercise and we can benefit from amazing medical procedures that would not have been attempted 30 years ago but all of these only deal with what is on the outside.

The Bible has a great promise for all of us who might need a change on the inside… The Lord says…  “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh.”                                           Ezekiel 36:26

If this is the change you need then the Great Physician is ready and waiting!


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