8 months, 3 weeks and 2 days…

8 months, 3 weeks and 2 days…

That was how long it took before the problem emerged and I had to do something about it.  What happened was that I failed to take into account that the plaster I was using was not designed to stick to a non-porous surface and whilst it did its best and held on for as long as it could (over 8 months), the vibration of the house eventually was enough for the bond to be broken and for the plasterwork to come down.

The problem was not too hard to fix; all that was needed was the right glue and a bit of patching but it really did make me think about the quality of the workmanship that we are seeing in the current spate of renovation shows.

I have observed over the last couple of months complete houses renovated in a single week – fantastic efforts put in but lots of corners seeming to be cut.  I have watched people lay tiles and grout them on the same day; I have watched people paint walls with no sealer and no time to dry between coats.  I have seen people painting whilst surrounded by others sanding, I have watched a number of small issues being concealed by very impressive surface ‘dressings’ but I wonder how long it will be until what has happened below the surface makes its mark.

It only takes one small omission to guarantee a future failure.  All of the hardware products have directions written on the side and I have learnt from impatient experience that if you don’t pay attention you are headed for a problem.  If you don’t wait for 24 hours then the finish will be poor, if you grout before the glue is dry it will all end up cracking, if you don’t wait for the waterproof membrane to cure then your shower will leak…and so on.

I wonder what problems will emerge in these houses and units which have had so much effort put in?  I wonder what will crack, what will fall down and what will need to be rebuilt in the future?

Jesus told a story of a man who built his house on the sand, everything was fine till the storm came and (of course) it collapsed…my question for you is ‘what have you built your life upon?’ If something is lacking under the surface it will eventually show itself.  So maybe it is time to renovate?


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