I think that is what that meant but I am not sure…

I think that is what that meant but I am not sure…

Last month I landed the task of taking minutes for a board meeting what I was attending and I certainly made some notes but I also made a critical error… (apart from agreeing to be secretary)

The problem was that I procrastinated prior to typing the minutes up…In fact I waited for almost 3 weeks (because everything else seemed to get in the way) before I sat down and tried to remember just what was discussed, who said what and who agreed to which actions.

I found it quite difficult to cast my mind back, to make certain that my recollections were accurate and that I was adequately representing the decisions and directions the board agreed to take.

I have said it before, there is no problem with the size and accuracy of my memory it is just that my forgettory is huge!

As time passes it is easy to forget the things that have been said to you, words of encouragement, words of hope and words that point to our future.  It is interesting that I often find that negative words which have been spoken to me are easier to remember – perhaps because they made more impact or damage when they were delivered.

The situation with my delayed minutes reminded me of a couple of things – firstly, don’t put off today what is going to be harder to do later – secondly, extended time does not necessarily make things clearer but can cloud recollection. So therefore if ‘delay and procrastination’ fail to help then the answer would seem to be ‘immediate response’.  

The Bible encourages us all to make an immediate response…

“Today, if you will hear His voice, Do not harden your heart”                Hebrews 3:15

It may be that you have heard the Lord speak before, but it was some time ago.  Maybe you have ‘put off’ making a response…or it might seem like a dim memory (much like the content on my minutes) but you know there was something there – something or someone addressing you.

The best answer is not to delay – stop putting it off and get onto it.  The good news is that ‘today’ is still ‘today’ – it is not too late but don’t put it off forever!


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