Adjusting your expectations

I think I will have to adjust my expectations and I think I better do it today!

I am about to head off on an extended trip with the Army and yesterday I was finalising all of my travel and accommodation requirements.

Months and months of planning have gone into organising for this major exercise in Northern Queensland.   Plans start out very broad at first and slowly become more and more specific as the deadline approaches.  We are now right at the point when final arrangements are being made and specific answers can be given on the detail.

Yesterday, first thing in the morning, when I asked where I would be staying for the duration I was told – “no problems we have a single room for you at the Airbase”.  That sounded fine however, by lunchtime that had changed to “a bunk in the dormitory”.  At 2pm I received an email stating that it is not so much a dorm but “a hangar – with stretchers” and finally at 4pm I was told “Not sure about the hangar anymore, but I’m pretty confident that  we will work something out…”.

So I am not sure at all…but the way things are going it is probable that I will be living in a hole in the ground for a few weeks…well it works for Hobbits!

Expectations are funny things.  If you have very high expectations you are often disappointed and if you have very low expectations you are often surprised.  But if you have high expectations then people around you tend to try and meet them where if you have low expectations then people slacken off and don’t apply themselves.  In my current situation my only choices feel like they are to have low expectations or to be disappointed but perhaps things may improve.

There was once a man who had low expectations who went to a wedding.  He was expecting the quality of the wine to deteriorate as the celebration wore on but was astounded when the ‘best wine’ came out right at the end.

Jesus performed this miracle to encourage us to keep our expectations high – certainly when it involves His impact upon your life.

So I may be living in a hole for the next few weeks but I can be certain and expectant of this one thing – because of Christ, the best is yet to come!   


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