Who stars in your prequel?

It has become a bit of a tradition when a movie franchise is doing well to exploit the favouritism just a little more by doing a ‘prequel’.

The first of these I remember was ‘Star Wars’ which began with Episodes 4, 5 & 6 but was eventually followed by 1, 2 & 3.  The ‘X-men’ franchise has done similarly as has the latest ‘Monsters University’.  A ‘prequel’ fills in the back story to help you understand what happened to get the characters to where they happen to be.  A prequel is time travel for the masses and transports us back so that we understand what created the circumstance and what brought us to the point we now find ourselves.

Last week I was sitting with a bunch of guys waiting for a plane.  We sat on the runway for about 6 hours and conversations ebbed and flowed at different points during the mind-numbing wait.

At one point someone asked the question “What were you doing before this?” and that started a series of stories where each of the guys gave us the ‘prequel’ which brought them to the place where they were now sitting.

Some told stories of previous jobs, travel, study or experiences which led them to make the decision to take on their current role.  Others spoke of influential moments which made their decision easier or led them in the direction they were now walking.  Still others mentioned an individual who influenced them, a mate, a parent or relative who inspired them to go in the direction they now found themselves.

It seems that everyone has a prequel, everyone’s story started before today – some are great; stories of joy and adventure but others are sad and filled with challenges.  The truth is that we become products of where we have been and what we have seen.

Sometimes we forget some of the influences or significant players in our personal ‘prequel’… it is good every now and then to look back and recall who and what made a difference.

My Bible tells me that there is one player who is current in all of our ‘prequels’…The part He plays is consistent but not always welcomed.

“Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love; Therefore with lovingkindness I have drawn you to myself.”                                     Jeremiah 31:3

Maybe its time to allow Him to play His part?


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