How to peel a banana.

I realise that I have been doing something wrong for all of my life – not a huge ‘world changing’ thing but it could be significant…


I have been peeling bananas from the wrong end! From the first time I ate a banana I have always peeled it from (what I called) ‘the top’: The pointy bit which attaches the banana to the ‘hand’.  Sometimes it works well but often it is a bit of a challenge leaving a squishy mess and I have even been known to have used my teeth in order to get the peeling process started.  (by the way, banana skin does not taste good!)

My daughter drew my attention to the fact that Monkeys peel their bananas from the other end and it is in fact much more efficient and leaves you with an unmushed banana every time.

You simply apply a little bit of pressure on the black button on the base of the banana and ‘hey presto’ you are eating your potassium enriched snack the way it was intended!

This made me think about what other things I might be doing wrong.  Just like Superman who after 80 years has finally learned that you wear your underwear under your super suit!

I might be buttoning my shirts top to bottom when I should be doing it bottom to top,  I could be using the wrong recipe for my chicken risotto or could it be possible that eating cornflakes at midnight is not what they were intended to do?


Recognising the possibility that the way you have been doing something may need improvement is actually the beginning of growth.  When you come to terms with the fact that perhaps there is a better way, a more effective way or more compassionate way of doing things then you have opened yourself up to grow.  At first I wanted to dismiss the new ‘peeling paradigm’ saying “I know how to peel a banana!” but I pushed through that and found out something new.   We always tend to reject new ideas or new ways of doing things but perhaps embracing them is precisely what we need.

 “Behold, I will do a new thing, Now it shall spring forth; Shall you not know it?”

Isaiah 43:19

Maybe the Lord has something new for you today – are you open to it?


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