Look no hands!

My wife has spent the last two weeks recovering from bi-lateral carpal tunnel surgery.  This means (in layman’s terms) that both of her wrists have been operated upon in order to release the Carpal nerve which was causing her significant pain.  The operation is easy enough but the recovery poses a bit of a challenge.

For 2-3 weeks she was unable to work and unable to use her hands to do anything.  Large bandages upon her wrists and forearms ensured that a very fit and active individual was immediately transformed into a completely dependant patient.


There were lots of jobs that she could not do: She could not hold a cup of tea; she could not feed herself; she could not do the washing; she could not change the DVD in the Television; she could not straighten her bed; answer the phone; have a shower; brush her teeth or any number of other ‘normal’ daily functions.

But it was not all doom and gloom, being the positive people we are, we started to make a list of the jobs that she could do in her current situation: She could be a Philharmonic Orchestral Conductor; she could be a member of the ground crew that directs the planes to their positions on the tarmac; she could strap on a couple of bats and take up table tennis; she could be an AFL umpire; or she could work for the council as a ‘stoptomitrist’.  The more we thought about it the more jobs we came up with.


Losing the use of your hands even for a short time is a challenge, it requires you to relinquish control to others and you have to allow them to do things for you.  Simple things become difficult and challenging things become impossible and the only option is to allow someone to stand in the gap for you.

No-one would choose to do this unless they have to …or would they?


The Bible introduces God as all powerful, all knowing and present everywhere – able to do all, change all and reach every need,  But it also  shows that He releases His control willingly, rather allowing people to become His activated hands and feet.  He invites each of us to stand in the gap for Him.  We all have the opportunity to allow His work in our lives and to then become His hands for someone else.


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