Topsy, turvy, turpsy, toasties.

It looked alright, it contained all the right ingredients but there was something inherently wrong and this fact was proven when my wife bit into the toasted sandwich which had just been made for her and immediately spat it out!

Just to clarify, this is not her usual reaction to eating toasted sandwiches but, as I said, this sandwich had something special about it.

It was a ‘topsy, turvy, turpsy toasty’!

Let me explain…my youngest son is a very observant lad and is always quick to pick up useful tips on fixing stuff around the house.  During my last trip away he took on the task of fixing a door and after doing a great job on all the woodwork he painted it as well.

Now he had seen me take the paint brush, wrap it in gladwrap and put it in the freezer so that the next time you want to use it, you just defrost the brush and you are ready to paint once more. The only problem was that I only ever do this when I am using water-based paint and it is very effective…now he had used oil based paint and he put the potent turps smelling brush into our large freezer. The oil paint did not freeze and over a few days the smell of the turps permeated everything in the freezer.  The next time the freezer was opened the smell was overpowering – so the brushes were discarded and we thought that was that.

But then came the day when we tried to make toasted sandwiches and ended up with ‘topsy, turvy, turpsy, toasties’.  The smell had travelled through the bread packet and into the bread and it was so strong that the whole loaf and most of the contents of the freezer had to be thrown away but even then it was not enough, the smell was in the ice that had built up and so it had to be fully defrosted and thoroughly cleaned and finally we were OK.

The lesson I learned from this was to realise that there are things in our life which leave a lasting impact upon us.  If they are positive then the fragrance can be sweet and welcome; if they are negative the smell can be wiffy and horrible.

My question for you today is “How do you smell?” Maybe you need defrosting and a thorough cleansing – if so, I know just the person to help – He has been an expert in removing bad smells for over 2000 years!


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