Become Complete!

One of my Fathers’ Day gifts from a couple of weeks ago was a display cabinet for my office.  Over the last 25 years I have been gathering a few memorable objects that deserve a place to be on display. The cabinet is made of tempered glass and aluminium and came flat packed and weighed about 50kg.

I took out the instructions (contrary to my natural DNA and instincts as a man!) and read them thoroughly.  I checked off all the parts against the schedule and started with diagram #1.

The problem was that the diagram said I was to assemble internal fixtures to parts G, H, L but there was no way of telling G, H & L apart.  Also (after 30 minutes of mind mangling permutations) I finally worked out that the internal fixtures were already assembled and it did not matter which piece I used.

So I pressed on…diagrams #2, #3, #4 etc.  Small sliders, fiddly pins and large pieces of glass were one-by-one put in place.  Hinges and locks were positioned and repositioned.  At several points in the process it became apparent that this was in fact, a two person job and so I had to improvise so as to not let the half assembled cabinet topple over.  But eventually, working from the very sketchy plans, I had a cabinet that looked just like it was suppose to, albeit much later in the evening than I anticipated.

It was at this point that I realised that I had 4 plastic pieces left over – the schedule of parts listed them as part ‘P’ but it did not say what they were or where they were meant to go.  It looked like my cabinet was finished but I was determined to work out where they needed to go.

Eventually, after scrutinising every part from every angle it came to me and the four ‘rear finishing plugs’ were put in place…the task was done and it looked great!

I came across a scripture recently which challenged me with its simplicity and its potential.   “Become Complete” 2 Cor 13:11

None of us want to be incomplete; we don’t want parts wrongly assembled in our lives or bits left over at the end.  We desire ‘completion’ and I have found only one way to truly experience it.

My cabinet came with instructions and so did your life…the difference is the instructions are clear and straightforward to you to follow – you just have to read them! Become Complete!


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