“No Sir…please turn left!”

“Welcome aboard sir, please turn left…” ignoring what had just been said I followed my instinctive reaction and turned towards the right.

“No sir…please turn left! so I did and to our total surprise we found our assigned seats in First Class – this was a totally unexpected upgrade which was very welcome indeed.

I have never had so much fun on a flight or seen my companions smile as much as we explored the massively extended legroom, tried all the buttons on the fully adjustable (and massage equipped) sky-bed, enjoyed pre-flight drinks, utilised our hot towels and placed our individual orders for the meals which would be served later in the flight.

Our only regret was that this flight was only going to last for 3 hours but we intended to make the most of it.  Just as final preparations were being made an announcement came over the loud speaker that the plane had been delayed for 40 minutes due to runway congestion – not a problem from where I was sitting! But I am sure if I had been in economy I would have had a different reaction!

I must admit that up to this point I could not see the value of First Class (given that it is at least 3 times the cost of economy) but after a long trip and some challenging conditions I am sold – I probably will not be turning to ‘the left’ anytime soon but I certainly enjoyed it whilst it lasted!

When the plane eventually landed there was not the usual scramble to open the overhead lockers and rush towards the exits, we didn’t have to be asked to leave but it came pretty close.  As I turned ‘right’ I wondered how long it may be until this happened again – but I tell you that I will be listening very carefully next time I step aboard.

Sometimes we get what we deserve and the things we normally expect but occasionally something happens which is well beyond what we were anticipating or what we have earned or paid for. These times stand out as memorable and make us feel special – just the thought that we have been given something unexpected or undeserved.  My First Class experience reminded me of how the Lord treats each one of us.  He lifts us up when we deserved nothing at all.  He is the one who “is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think”

Ephesians 3:20

Sounds like First Class to me!


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