Don’t be late!

We thought we were early and so we just relaxed and took our time. In fact we took an extra walk around the retail centre that was adjacent to the auditorium just burning time so we didn’t arrive too early.

We had received a special invitation to attend the opening of the conference of over 1000 pastors at 7pm but at 6:45 when we walked in we found that the meeting had started at 6!

It took us more than a few moments to realise that our invitation had the wrong time on it and now instead of having a special seats set aside in the ‘reserved’ section we were now shuffled into any seat that was available.

It felt really strange to have arrived so late, it felt like we had missed so much and that the ‘shine’ of being ‘special guests’ had very quickly disappeared.

As the conference progressed in the days following we made certain that we double checked the times and we didn’t miss another appointment.  We got our ‘special seats’ and we were presented with a plaque honouring our 20+ years as Senior Pastors of Breakthough Church in Hornsby. It was great to be honoured and appreciated for something we love and very much believe in.

It is not often that you get singled out as being special, most of the time we are all just part of the crowd and one of the ‘normal’ people.

It is really nice to be identified as ‘special’ or important – it is the way our family can make us feel or our especially close friends – it is being acknowledged for something you have achieved or being set apart to receive a special gift at a special time.

It is wonderful when those special moments happen in our lives and one thing is certain we don’t want to be late for the appointments when they come.

The Bible tells me that you are special. You have the potential to be set apart to become one of His ‘special guests’ and experience what it means to be part of His family.  The only challenge is that this invitation has a timing involved.  He says “Today, if you hear my voice…”   (Heb 3:7)

I am taking extra care with the appointments in my calendar after being late for my last one. I hope that you don’t miss out on all those good things which are coming your way.


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