Time to get tuned in!

When I was a kid our television could only receive three and a half channels.  I say ‘half’ a channel because we only had a pair of ‘rabbit ear’ ariels which, no matter how you positioned them, could only ever get half of a picture on Channel 9.  I remember sitting close to the screen, trying to decipher what was happening and imagining possible scenarios to fill the gaps that were being presented. It seemed that every one of my friends at school almost exclusively watched channel nine in the afternoon and I felt like I was truly missing out on something significant.

Last week I was watching my television which has a perfect digital picture and 27 ‘free to air’ channels and as I was surfing through the options available it struck me that even with all the channels there was still nothing that I wanted to watch but then I found it – the ‘27th and a half channel’

This is that channel on my TV that just does not have quite a strong enough digital signal to be consistent. It is Ok for a few seconds but then it glitches.

As chance would have it, it was the only channel with anything that I wanted to watch but the intermittent signal made it frustrating and eventually impossible to put up with.  Every time the presenter would get to an important piece of information the channel would glitch or freeze and I would be left hanging – I remembered that feeling I had as a child, missing out on what others seemed to be experiencing and I didn’t like it. I ended up trying all the channels once more and returning to 27.5 but giving up altogether after a few more minutes.

Getting half or less of a picture is not fulfilling, it does not satisfy and it does not provide what you need.

Solomon wrote these words in his song “Let me see Your face, let me hear Your voice…”

There is a desire in the heart of each person to ‘see’ and ‘hear’ God but the problem for most of us, is that our ‘reception’ is not too good.

Lots of things get in the way and cause obstacles and interference to those messages and thoughts which are most important.

I would encourage you this week to do everything you can to get ‘tuned in’ and ‘decluttered’ because He truly is the only message worth paying attention to!


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