In the midst of the Tornado

I was lying in bed the other morning just contemplating the fact that it was time for me to get up and get started for the day when a flash of lightening changed the room momentarily from darkness to light.  This was followed almost instantaneously by a huge clap of thunder that sounded like it was focussed just above our house.  The thought crossed my mind as to just how close it felt and how I had been hearing thunder in the distance for the last couple of days but hadn’t thought much of it. 

When a storm is in the distance it is an interesting curiosity but when it comes close to home you are brought face to face with its ferocity and its destructive power.

Last week my wife and I were in Westfield having lunch and thinking about going to the movies – but we decided not to and so headed home no more than an hour before the ‘tornado’ ripped up the roof and tore a narrow path of destruction through Hornsby.  At home, 7km away, we got some heavy rain but really nothing to speak of.  However in Hornsby, trees were uprooted, cars crushed, a council demountable flipped and many roofs were damaged. So just like the clap of thunder I started with it just depends how close you are to the storm as to how much impact you feel.

Apart from wind, the rain and the falling trees there are many other storms which at times invade our lives.  It is at these times that we realise just what is important to us and it is at these times that we are often overwhelmed by the help we receive.

When the Disciples were hit with a challenging storm they cried out to Jesus for help and He spoke the words “Peace…Be still”.

It is good to know He still has the power in the midst of our storms.

It may be a long time since the storm clouds have been brewing over your life or perhaps you are facing a huge storm right at this very moment.  It might be a financial storm, a relationships storm, a career storm or just an internal storm. Whatever storm you are facing I hope that you are not trying to handle it on your own. Accept the help of those who are offering and don’t forget the One who has the power to speak peace over your life.


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