A Case of Mistaken Identity

“Well, how did your Birthday go?   Did you manage to catch up with Peter after work?”

I was totally at a loss, I had no idea who Peter was and it was months since my birthday…

“Last week, how did your Birthday go?”

It dawned on me just before it dawned on my new friend that he had mistaken me for someone else.  Embarrassment flashed in his eyes… “Sorry…I thought you were someone else!”

I thanked him for the birthday wishes as he quickly moved away.

Being mistaken for someone else brings up several questions for me –

Do I share my rugged good looks with many others?  Do I have a face that reminds people of an old friend or a face they have seen on “Crimestoppers”? Are my mannerisms similar to numerous others or are they so unique as to stand out in the midst of a crowd?  Is there someone going around impersonating me? Or am I unwittingly impersonating someone else?

The really interesting thing was that I was the only person dressed in Full Ceremonial Army Uniform when everyone else was in Navy Dress Uniform or Civvies…more questions…

Our uniqueness is a wonderful thing, when you really know someone you can recognise their voice on the phone, you can identify their silhouette as they walk toward you, you can easily pick them out of a crowd – the deeper the relationship the more recognisable they become.

Have you ever mistaken an individual for someone else?  Have you embarrassed yourself or said or done something inappropriate when you thought you knew someone but really you didn’t?

The question is how well do you really know the person because if your knowledge is complete you will never fall for a mere imitation.

Many people fail to recognise the work and nurture of God in their lives because they have not had the opportunity to get to know what He is really like.  They mistake Him for ‘luck’ or ‘good fortune’ or they misunderstand Him as harsh or uncaring.  The more you know Him, the more you are able to recognise what He is up to.

There is a great promise in scripture… “I will give them a heart to know Me, that I am the LORD; and they shall be My people, and I will be their God…”  So there should be no reason for confusion – the question is, do you recognise Him when He is right in front of you?


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