Is your saw sharp?

I was up early doing some gardening when I realised that I needed to chop out a fairly decent sized stump which was getting in the way. I went to my garage to choose my ‘weapon of mass reduction’ and settled on a choice between two hand saws which both had the potential to do the job.  On closer inspection one of the saws was fairly blunt from extensive use and it was beginning to show signs of a fair amount of rust.  The other saw was sharp and shiny; it had a good edge and a comfortable handle, so I grabbed it and headed off into the garden to tame my wayward stump.

I placed the sharp and chosen saw on the grass whilst I started to cut back the ivy with a pair of clippers.  During this time my dog was milling around watching with interest what I was trying to achieve.  Slowly my goal was uncovered and I was ready to bring my saw into action and to get the job done.  It was at this moment that I looked at where I had left my saw and witnessed my dog cock his leg and urinate all over my bright and shiny saw!  From the heel of the saw to the toe it was now covered in dog pee.

My saw no longer seemed as suitable for the task at hand.  It had well and truly ‘lost its edge’ and was no longer my weapon of choice. I know I could have just washed it off and got on with it but something about it made me not want to bother.  I walked back to the garage and pulled out the much blunter, rustier saw and got to work.  It took a little longer than anticipated but eventually I got the job done.

The last thing I did that morning was to get the hose and give my saw a good wash down.  I probably will use it next time but we shall see.

There are many things which can happen which can make you ‘lose your edge’:  Hard work with no time off can take its toll; being unappreciated or unthanked can leave you feeling rusty or purposeless; and then there is off course when you feel like you have just been covered in dog pee!  When something happens or someone does something to you that just catches you totally unawares and you struggle to move on.

It is at those times we need someone to clean us up and sharpen us once again.

Friends always can help but so can the Lord Jesus…“As iron sharpens iron so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend”    


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