‘New’ for the new year…


My son and I were testing all of the buttons on all of the options of the car we had just purchased from a friend of my dad.

It was an older car but a goodie…immaculate on the inside, meticulously serviced, always garaged, low kms with only a couple of cosmetic bumps on the outside – a great buy and a good car.  After a long test drive we were hooked and the deal was done with all parties smiling as the keys were exchanged and now we were headed home.

Everything was working fine: the electric windows; mirrors; cruise control; and air-con but then we tested the radio.

As we turned it on a faint sound of classical music (92.9) was heard and so I naturally turned it up – everything seemed ok so I chose the second preset radio station – 92.9 and the third – 92.9 – every station was set to 92.9.

My 17 year old son then left me to do the driving whilst he programmed in some new presets and we cranked up the volume to fill the car but as the bass sounds bounced around the interior things started to go wrong.  At first it was not really clear but within a couple of minutes it was obvious that something was not right…first one speaker and then another began to vibrate and crackle, the sound became distorted and unbearable to listen to.  Within 5 minutes the 4 speakers in the car had all torn and now sounded worse than a railway announcement from my childhood.  When we got home (having turned the radio off) we found bits of broken foam and torn cardboard had fallen from each of the speakers as they rebelled to the traumatic change we had put them through.

The problem was that for 16 years the presets had probably been the same, for 16 years the volume had been kept to a minimum and for 16 years the speakers had not been vibrated or challenged in any way – as soon as something changed the vibration was too much of a shock to the system and everything failed.

This made me think about a challenge for us all at the start of this New Year… Jesus said “You can’t put new wine into old wineskins” because the violent fermentation will cause them to burst.

Maybe it is time to adjust the ‘presets’ of your life and allow something fresh from the Lord to vibrate through you for 2014?


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