Sweet Smelling Aroma

The first time I used it I had my doubts but it was not until the second day that I realised that something was definitely wrong.

I had spent some time over the holidays taking the opportunity to arrange all of the ‘stuff’ that I had accumulated over the past few months.

I was clearing out cupboards and side tables; generally getting myself organised ready for the year ahead.  During my digging, I found several bottles of aftershave which I had either been given or had treated myself to along the way.

I realised that some of them had been around for a while but they were either unopened or nearly full so I lined them all up in the top shelf of my wardrobe ready for use.

It was fun having a selection to choose from and I clearly had my favourites but I tried to ‘share the love’ and mix it up a bit.  This is when I noticed that something was wrong… a couple of days ago I sprayed a new bottle of aftershave that I had been given for a birthday or fathers’ day in the indeterminate past. I was in a bit of a rush so I didn’t even stop to think, I just spritzed myself and ran out of the door.  But I recall catching a strange whiff of something that was not quite right.  The next morning I spritzed again but this time I was not in such a hurry and I realised that the fragrance was just wrong – it claimed to be a “strong masculine scent that is both memorable and alluring”  but whilst it was memorable it smelt more like a mix between a wet dog and a badly oxidised glass of wine.  Strangely enough, I sprayed myself a third time just to make sure but the reality was very clear.

I am sure that when the fragrance was bottled it was fine; it would have been both refreshing and pleasing but because it had been in the bottle for too long, it had changed and it had lost its beauty and its fragrance had been corrupted.

As I washed the ‘wet dog’ smell off my face I was encouraged to make every effort to share the good things that are contained within me rather than holding them back and allowing them to lose their fragrance.  After all, we are called to be “a sweet-smelling aroma, an acceptable sacrifice, well pleasing to God” (Phil 4:18)


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