Are you missing a piece?

Holidays are a time for catching up with activities and hobbies that seem too difficult to fit in during the normal busyness of the year.  Over the last few weeks my daughter has been doing a puzzle – it is an old puzzle – of tall ships on a rough sea – a puzzle I remember receiving for my eighth birthday.

This puzzle is quite difficult because whilst the picture is complex there is not much variation in the colour tone and so many of the pieces look the same – lots of blue sky and no clouds.

A couple of nights ago my daughter invited me to help her finish the puzzle and so I sat for an hour or more and just plugged away at it – I was making really good progress when she asked me “How do you do it so fast?”  to which I  somewhat arrogantly replied “Maybe I have good spatial intelligence!”

She reacted strongly to this and said “I have good spatial intelligence as well!” and she then lent forward out of her reclining chair and hit her head on the coffee table next to her!

Laughter ensued for some time…

As we approached the completion of this puzzle it became obvious that something was wrong – there were two pieces missing.

Missing pieces stick out like a lost tooth or a dent in your shiny new car – you cannot hide them and you cannot ignore them either.

In the box, unassembled there was no way of knowing that something was missing – it was only when you tried to put it all together that the gaps became clear.

For probably 20 years this puzzle has sat in cupboards unassembled and incomplete.  I did not know that it had this flaw until it was put to the test.

Your life and mine share this similar attribute, we do not know if we are complete until we are put to the test.  We don’t know if we can handle the challenges, tests and trials this life throws at us until we have to face them.

If you have found that there is something missing in your life perhaps it is time to take a lesson from my puzzle – puzzles require patience and patience may reveal the One piece that will fill the gap for you – the person of the Lord Jesus.

“Let patience have its perfect work that you may be perfect and entire – lacking nothing”

James 1:4.


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