Mandatory Training

Heat and Safety, Suicide Prevention, WHS, Equity and Diversity, Ethics and Fraud, Alcohol and Drug awareness, Security and Legal brief…   

At the start of every year, every member of the ADF (Australian Defence Force) must complete a suite of courses which are referred to as ‘Mandatory Training’.  This training takes place on the first opportunity when all the members have returned from their holidays and it is seen as a major priority to start the year.

Even though much of the information is ‘common sense’ and even though most of the members have completed it year upon year and could almost recite it by rote, still it is conducted. This is to ensure that no-one falls between the cracks and that everyone is aware of the dangers, challenges and responsibilities of being a highly functioning member of the ADF.

The outcome of this is that these subjects remain in the thinking of the members throughout the coming year and again will be reinforced next year.

After I completed my mandatory training I thought about what we all might want to include in the range of topics if all people had to do mandatory training at the start of each year…

Perhaps a course in general politeness and courtesy; or a course in how to use a roundabout or advanced lane merging; how about a reminder about appropriate clothes to wear in public; or perhaps a remedial course on the importance of deodorant…  it is fun to reflect on what we think is really important.

When Jesus was on earth the teachers of the Jewish Law came and asked Him a similar question – they wanted to know the list of the most important lessons that they needed to be constantly reminded of.

Jesus spelled it out like this… “Love the Lord with all your heart, mind and strength and love your neighbour in the same way you love yourself”

Two simple lessons but with powerful outcomes, two simple suggestions which I have found set my path correctly each year I follow them.

You may not have a job which requires regular training but I challenge you to think about what is important in your world…what adjustments do you need to make and what knowledge and understanding would you pass onto others if you could?   When was the last time you took Jesus’ suggestions…maybe it is time to start?


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