The trolley thief!

I was looking for one that was ready to eat, not too hard but not too soft either.

I find it difficult to pick avocados and I probably take far too long to do it but when I finally made up my mind I went to place it in my supermarket trolley… but it was gone.

For a moment I thought I may have left my trolley in another aisle but when I checked, it became obvious that the only possibility was that someone must have absconded with it.

Two options presented themselves – either my shopping prowess is so attune that someone saw that I had chosen precisely the items they were desiring and so saved themselves the effort or…they took my trolley by mistake.

I looked around some more and in the distance I recognised the contents of my trolley which were now starting to be unloaded by the ‘trolley thief’.

I approached her and said politely, “I think you may have my trolley?”

Embarrassment led quickly into a profuse and unnecessary apology and I retrieved my trolley but noticed that I now had potatoes which I didn’t have before…so I returned these to my new trolley buddy who had retrieved her own trolley and was now once again at the checkout – Well, I assume it was her trolley – she may have stolen someone else’s…

I chuckled to myself as I walked away, wondering at what point she would have realised that she was paying for items she didn’t choose?

I thought of her getting home and berating herself as to why she bought AAA batteries and electrical tape when what she needed was mozzarella cheese and icing sugar!

When I finally got home and made dinner I opened my avocado and found that it was brown and horrible all the way through – as I said, I don’t always make good decisions when it comes to avocados.

I wish I hadn’t bought it…it was a small mistake but one that made me really think.

In the trolley of my life there are many decisions I have made both good and bad.  Jesus Christ has made a standing offer to ‘pay for’ those mistakes I have made and to take them from me so that I may be whole.

He doesn’t do it without my permission but the offer stands firm and is available to all.

Maybe your life needs a ‘trolley thief’?


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