The right mix!

I had been waiting all day but it was clear that something was wrong and it was never going to set.  I had resisted the urge to touch it but now was the time and as soon as I did it was clear that I would have to start over again.

I was doing a bit of patch work at home and was using a two-part filler.  One part is the resin and the other is the catalyst – which causes a chemical reaction to set the resin hard.

When used in correct proportions the resin mix will go hard in about 20-30 minutes but I obviously did not use enough.  I had not used this specific material for quite some time and had no instructions so I had guessed the amount that was needed.  I obviously mixed too little catalyst and what I ended up with was a soggy mess that never got any harder and was totally ineffective at filling the gaps.

My second attempt was a little better but not ideal.  I put more catalyst in the mix and immediately I could tell the difference but now I had a different problem: everything was happening too fast.  Instead of 20 minutes the mixture started to go hard after 5 minutes which meant that I had significantly less time to work. The mix got too hard too quick and that meant that it was inflexible and unworkable.

I eventually got the task finished and everything was fine but it did make me think about different people I had met.

I have met people who have not applied enough “religion” (for want of a better term) to their lives and they have become soggy and wishy washy with nothing in their lives setting solid and secure.  I have met others who have had too much “religion” and it has made them harsh and inflexible, equally unable to fill gaps because of their brittleness and non-compassionate nature.

I believe that the ‘correct’ amount of ‘religion’ will bring about a change which will enable you to fill gaps and meet the needs around you, it sets firm and becomes something that you can build a life upon; one that will stand the tests of time.

So the question is

“How is the mix in your life?”  

“Hold fast the pattern of sound words which you have heard from me, in faith and love which are in Christ Jesus.”                      2 Timothy 1:13


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