Is your fuel light on?

I have a little bit of a bad habit that I need to confess.  I really don’t like filling up the tanks on either my car or my motorbike until the last possible moment…  I don’t know if it is some misguided attempt to not ‘waste’ any petrol or whether it is the fact that I don’t actually want to take the time to fill up before I have to…but I have begun to notice that this is a habit which does not seem to go away.

Both of my vehicles are fitted with warning lights which tell me when I am approaching the time when I will need more fuel but even when the light starts to flash that does not seem to be enough to make me stop and fill up.  You see, I have learned that when the warning light flashes in my car I have at least 60 km of normal driving left and on my motorcycle I have approximately 50km left – well I think that is the furthest I can travel only because that is the boldest I have ever been and as yet I have not run out of fuel…

If I keep up this habit I will eventually be caught out but until that happens I fear that this habit may continue.

You see the problem is complicated by the fact that when I take short trips I don’t always remember just how far I have travelled since the fuel light came on, also another complicating factor is that when I eventually decide that I need to fill up I then have to find a petrol station right away.  So far I haven’t run out of fuel but it is very possible that it may happen tomorrow because I am pretty sure that my fuel light was on yesterday – or was it the day before?

You can ‘fuel’ up on many different things in your life…substances and influences which keep you going and give you both strength and inspiration.  But a problem arises when we either fill up with the wrong things or when we neglect to top up our reserves prior to running on empty.

The Lord’s purpose was that you would

“…know the love of Christ so that you may be filled with all the fullness of God” (Eph 3:19)

The question is “Is your fuel light on?”

If it is then maybe you should act now!


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