Did you sleep well?

It started out as a few muffled noises but fairly quickly grew into the distinct sound of raised voices and raucous laughter.

It was 3am and I had just been woken from what had been, up until that moment, a good sleep.

I rolled over and tried to ignore what was going on outside but things were escalating.  I heard the sound of breaking glass as a couple of bottles were smashed on the road, a car engine was revving and all chance of sleep was chased away.

I didn’t get out of bed until I started to hear the screech of brakes as now cars (plural) were being hastily manoeuvred around the carpark.

I looked out of the window and things were really hotting up.  About 5 alcohol fuelled guys were mucking around attempting to do burnouts and feeling very self satisfied regarding their antics.  I am certain that every guest in every room was now awake and the police had no doubt been informed.  But before the authorities arrived another voice entered the now, out of control, environment.  This voice was angry, swearing and telling the others, in no uncertain terms, to ‘push off’.  I watched as a bit of ‘argy bargy’ ensued and then a noisy game of ‘chasings’ followed and it all culminated with the two cars spinning their wheels for one final time as they drove off to hassle the next sleeping venue.

The police arrived with flashing lights about 15 minutes later and while statements were taken, I went back to bed.

As I lay on my bed trying to capture what was now an illusive hope of sleep, I thought about what had just happened and other things which interrupt the normal ‘peace’ of our lives.  It is rare for me to lose sleep but for many I know it is a common occurrence.  Concerns about work, family, finances and health can rob you of calm and can fill you with anxiety which rings in your ears as loudly as the sounds of hoons doing a ‘donut’ in a carpark.  Our internal voices can keep us awake as we replay the concern of our heart and mind leaving us no hope of comfort or rest.

Into this circumstance I would suggest an answer…

“You will keep them in perfect peace,

Whose minds are fixed on You,

Because they trust in You.”               Isaiah 26:3

Think on Him and I hope you sleep well…


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