My Old Suitcase

I have come to the sad conclusion that the time has come and I am going to have to make a change.  It is not a huge change in the scheme of things but it is something that has served me really well for the last 15 years but unfortunately has come to the end of its life.  I am talking about my favourite suitcase…a hard shell black case with a built in system for packing my suits, shirts and pants so that I don’t look like I have just stepped out of a dirty clothes basket.

I cannot count how many trips I have been on with this case.  It has travelled through Asia, Africa and across America.  It has been on every type of plane I could imagine, in boats, trains and in dugout canoes.  It has served on overnight stays and has been my only wardrobe for weeks at a time.  It has followed me faithfully on its four wheels everywhere I have led it and has never let me down.

When I think about how many kilos of luggage it has carried it must amount to thousands and I am amazed at what has been stuffed into it over many years… but the time has come and on each of my last 3 trips, a different wheel of my trusty case has broken and cannot be fixed, so it is time to retire my old friend and find something new.


When you think about things which you can rely upon what springs to mind?  It may be an item like my suitcase or it maybe a person you love and trust. The truth is that very few things last the test of time and those that do should be cherished.


This weekend marks the 35th anniversary of my becoming a Christian. For the last 3 and a half decades I have been getting to know Christ and have been placing my trust fully in Him. Unlike my suitcase He shows no sign of wear and tear and His presence with me is more effective, supportive and comforting than ever.  His work in my past gives me confidence for His work in my future and I walk into it with joy.


This weekend is also Easter – the commemoration of Christ’s death and resurrection – the images of the Cross and of the Empty tomb – the reasons for our eternal hope.

I can think of no better tribute than to continue to trust Him and I invite you to do the same!


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