What do you need to remember

Something would have to shift!

A birthday present of a new bike for one of my kids triggered a chain reaction which lead to the reorganisation of my garage.  To make things work I had to make decisions about what needed to be here, what needed to be there and what needed to be thrown away.

I find that it is great to have a reason to have a ‘clean out’ now and then, otherwise clutter and the disorganisation of life will stifle your ability to move and even to breath.


Things were sorted in three piles:  Things that need to be in the garage; things which need to be somewhere else; and things which need to be thrown out. However, during this process I came across an archive box which I had not seen for a while and it needed to be placed in a pile all of its own.  It contained a conglomeration of different items from years past: football pennants; awards; special nic-nacs which immediately caused me to travel through time.  There was a diary I wrote on my first trip overseas, a program from the first Theatre Show I ever attended, my high school year-book and other personal gifts and remembrances.

I ended up finding a secure and dry ‘hid-e-hole’ for the box to remain.  It will be safe there until I next come across it or I next move house – the memories will be intact and precious and they form a small part of who I have become.


April is a time for remembrance – around this time we have already celebrated Easter and this week we remember ANZAC Day.  In both events we celebrate individuals who were willing to ‘lay down their lives for their friends’.

We honour all those who have given so much and the least we can do is remember.

It is a little like the opening of my archive box; we force ourselves to recall, we contemplate what was and we celebrate what we have because of what has gone before.

I don’t know how organised your life is, how much room or time you have…but I hope that this weekend you take the opportunity to look back and celebrate the past and look forward in expectation of the future.

“Remember the former things of old, For I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is none like Me,”                      Isaiah 46:9


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