Too many leaves…

Right from the start I was fighting a losing battle but it had to be done…

I have two very large trees in my garden and because I am by no means a horticulturist I cannot tell you their species or genus but I can tell you that once a year they shed every one of their considerable number of leaves, blanketing my house, garden and driveway.

This of course happens as one of the defining aspects of autumn as the weather starts to turn cold and as the days grow steadily shorter.

I mentioned that the trees were sizeable but the number of leaves which end up on the ground always amazes me – if left, they will kill all of the grass on my property, clog my gutters, block my drains and even hamper access through my back door.  They have to be dealt with…

But I have found that I cannot wait until all of the leaves have fallen – they don’t all fall on the same day and over a period of a few weeks the trees start to ‘thin out’ like the hair of the head of a man with a questionable ‘comb-over’.

So I started clearing up – I raked, mowed, collected, compressed and blow-vacked my way around my front garden and I was impressed – not a leaf to be seen!

I mirrored my efforts in the back yard to the same outcome only to walk back to the front yard to find that in the last 2 hours almost half the amount of leaves had fallen again!  Over the last few days since working on the yard it looks as if nothing has been done even though 1000’s of offenders had been removed.

This weekend I will make another attempt and the outcome will be the same but eventually the leaves will run out and the task will be done for another year.

Seasons come and go and sometimes there is nothing you can do but weather them… you may be facing a season in your life that is challenging or stretching you beyond your normal capacity – it might seem that you are not making headway and the more you sweep away the problems the more they remain – I want to encourage you that you do not have to face this alone and that seasons give us an opportunity to make change.

Remember Jesus said “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”                        Hebrews 13:5


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