Locked out!

As the lock clicked behind me I thought nothing of it until I returned from the bathroom to find my door firmly locked and myself on the wrong side of it.  It was close to midnight and I was on the third floor of an army accommodation block 1.5km from the front gate.  I know it was 1.5km because I had to walk there in my boxer shorts, long sleeved shirt and socks…I am just happy that I didn’t head to the bathroom in my undies or a towel!

I tried to look inconspicuous as I made my way to the gate and then I tried to look inconspicuous again as I walked back, to wait for security to unlock my door.  It was a foolish mistake and from then on I made sure that I always had my key with me.

I had only one task during this conference – I was responsible for the collection and distribution of the 30 or so sets of keys for the participants.  Some stayed for three nights and some only for one and on the second day there were lots of comings and goings… some how in the confusion my key got mixed up with the others and was returned to security, whilst I had a key in my pocket it was not the key to my room!  This time it was about 10pm and I hoped that a different security guard was on duty! I walked to the font gate – thankfully this time fully clothed…I just made it look like I was out for a nonchalant walk in the middle of the night.

As the security guard unlocked my room for the second time I pondered how important having the right key and freedom of access can be.

For me it was the difference between having somewhere to sleep and not, having access to my phone and possessions, being warm and comfortable rather than being caught outside and exposed.  But locked doors can separate us from many things – doors of opportunity if locked can keep us from our potential – doors of relationship if locked can leave us lonely and confused – doors of satisfaction if locked can leave us in despair and depression.

Jesus told His followers I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven”          Matthew 16:19

The most important door is the one which leads you to God’s purpose and plan for your life – and the good news is that He holds that key ready for you!


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