How clear is your vision?

I couldn’t put up with it any longer and so I stood up to do something about it…

I number of years ago I joined the ranks of those who wear reading glasses and along with each of them I have come to find myself frustrated by how often you have to clean them.  I am notoriously slow at fulfilling this task because I rarely carry a handkerchief and most of the time I do not have another option available.  Often my wife will look at me and laugh and will take my glasses off and clean them because she can’t bear it any longer – I always feel surprised at what a difference it makes and I generally tell myself that I should do this at least once a day.

The other day I was in the office doing some financial spreadsheets and I realised that I was working hard to look past the smudges and grime which had built up over the previous couple of days – (my wife obviously hadn’t looked at me recently!) I stood up and crossed the room to the box of tissues and proceeded to clean my glasses.   I returned to my computer and put on my glasses only to find that I could see even less than before – figuring that I had just moved the dirt around and not removed it, I walked across the room once more to grab another tissue.

This time I made certain to be diligent to give my glasses the thorough clean they required.

Back to my desk and on with the glasses only to find that I couldn’t see at all!  There was a milky residue smeared on both the inside and the outside of the lenses.

I walked back across the room and had a look at the tissues – I read the side of the box – “Now with gentle aloe-vera” – so I hadn’t been cleaning my glasses as much as massaging them!

I found this quite amusing as I headed to the sink to wash my now completely useless glasses but afterwards I was again surprised by what a difference clarity can make.

Part of Jesus’ mission to earth was to bring ‘the recovery of sight to the blind’ but this exchange with my glasses and the aloe-vera tissues made me think – blindness is not only physiological but can be emotional, mental or spiritual.  The cause? Objects or substances which we allow to get in the way.   So the question for you is…

How clear is your ‘vision’ today?  


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