Remove that blockage!

As soon as I turned onto the approach to the Harbour Bridge I knew that I was going to be late for my meeting.

I had got up early, I had a good run down the highway but now I was trapped in a sea of cars, trucks and buses as Sydney put on a display of just how bad traffic can really be.

A few minutes earlier, a car had overturned in the Harbour Tunnel, collecting two other cars and a motorcycle and now the Tunnel was completely blocked and traffic was at an absolute standstill. The Harbour Bridge was still open but now everyone was trying to squeeze their way across and no-one was going anywhere fast!

I ended up being almost 2 hours late for my meeting, the only saving grace being the fact that most of the other people in the meeting were just as late as I was.

It is amazing how much of a problem can be caused by the blockage of one access point to our great city. They are called “arterial roads” for a reason; if one is blocked then you have a major issue on your hands.

The Heart has many arteries but only one of them has to become blocked to cause a heart attack; if it remains blocked without treatment then death is the outcome which is far worse than any traffic jam.

The only answer to any blockage is to remove it but this is not always as easy as it sounds. Depending on what is blocked you need special equipment made for the task. A tow truck may help the Harbour Tunnel but won’t even fit in an operating theatre!

Our lives can experience many blockages; they can be caused through trauma, disappointment, fear, illness, unforgiveness, errors of judgement and opposition. When we come across a blockage they are difficult to resolve and in many cases impossible to remove alone.

I regularly take comfort in the fact that the Lord Jesus knows and understands the significance of blockages and is determined to help us through them. The fact that He faced the ultimate blockage – Death – and defeated it, gives me great comfort for all that I must now face, be it a traffic jam or something much more significant.

I hope that you share this hope because it was meant for everyone. I am glad we can know the answer to the question…

“Who will roll away the stone?” Mark 16:3


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