What have you missed?

I had an intensive training course this week which culminated with a 2 hour lecture on various aspects of international law. It was an important subject but, gosh, it was dry!

Especially at the end of a long week where my mind had been stretched and my tiredness was at its peak. The one saving grace was the fact that the lecturer was quite animated and quite quirky. He had a particular way of talking that just seemed to pique everyone’s interest.

In the last 40 minutes of the lecture, I kept as score card… he said – 1 ‘Honky Dorys’, 2 ‘Hooly doolys’, 3 ‘Crackers’, 4 ‘Happy days’, 5 ‘Spear aways’, 7 ‘Crack ons’, 15 ‘Teams’, 22 ‘Old Mates’ and 57 ‘OK Folks’…most interesting of all and the one we were hanging on the edges of our seats waiting for was the 5 ‘Blue Leaders’.

Giving our presenter his due – he did well with some pretty dull material and he was certainly both committed and passionate – the problem was that his mannerisms got in the way of his message – and no matter how hard he tried, when I think of that subject from now on, the only thing I will remember will be… “Honky Dory Team, now is a Cracker time for you and your Old Mate to Spear Away and Crack on…Happy Days!”

Whatever message you are trying to convey is always limited and inhibited by the medium the message is sent by and the particular quirks of the messenger. We have to be careful when we are receiving a message to look beyond what may be distracting or unhelpful and look below to engage with what is really going on.

It is probably an unfortunate truth that many times when I have tried to convey a message that the important content has been lost by either my personal mannerisms or my particular quirks.

My question for you today is – What have you missed that was really important?

Maybe someone has tried to tell or show you something and you have been put off by their personal style or the method they used to convey the message. What have you missed?

Unfortunately this is true regarding the message of Christ, maybe someone has shared it with you in an unhelpful or uncaring way – maybe they were just a little ‘weird’ – but don’t judge the message by the messenger – take another listen.

You may be surprised what you hear!


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