Have you been paid yet?

“That couldn’t be right! I know I was meant to get more than that!”

Usually I enjoy every second Thursday because it is the day I get paid… but this particular Thursday was not going so well.

I opened the Internet banking app on my phone expecting to see a larger than usual deposit had gone into my account (I had been doing some extra work and I had just come from an extended period away). As the app opened I didn’t believe what waited for me, in fact, I checked the date to make sure I wasn’t a day early, I then checked my bank again and sure enough I only had been paid for half a day’s work rather than for 3 whole weeks.

I made a couple of phone calls and after some detective work I found out that an important piece of paper was not on the “right desk” at the “right time” and so I would have to wait for 14 days before the error can be corrected.

Even though it was in no way my fault, because I work for such a large bureaucracy, it was not worth the effort to try and get it corrected any faster – I will just have to be content to wait.

None of us enjoy it when we don’t get paid what or when we should. The payment is a form of recognition for all we have done but it is also important when it comes to paying the bills!

I do my fair share of volunteering, as I am sure many of you do as well – but volunteering has different rewards attached and we don’t expect or request a payment for it.

Sometimes we get paid for something that someone else has done – this could be good or bad. We can benefit from the hard work of a predecessor; we can receive notoriety or respect because of others who have gone before us. But we can also have to pay for the actions of others and miss out because someone else has done the wrong thing.

Wages are an inevitable part of life and the Bible tells us we get paid according to our choices.

“For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 6:23

The question is “What wages are coming your way?” and “Have you been paid yet?”


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