Weep with those…

This week I have joined the ranks of all Australians and the rest of the world as we have watched the events surrounding the shooting down of MH17. To say that this was a senseless tragedy is the ultimate understatement and to imagine the sorrow, anger and loss of the families involved is beyond our comprehension.

As the crash scene is finally cleared, as bodies are eventually identified and returned home, we are aware of the fragility of this life that we take for granted and we are challenged to value it all the more.

Over this last week I have been exposed to a number of families in the midst of intense grief – each had experienced a loss of someone close or a challenge of significant proportions – as I spent time with them I was again made aware of some important truths…

Listening is better than speaking – there are of course, in most cases, no words that fit.

You don’t often realise how valuable someone or something is until you lose them.

There is always regret over words left unsaid.

As I came home at the end of each day after listening to the radio and the reports of the difficulty of access, the frustration of the politics and the human anguish of the families waiting for closure – I found myself wanting some simple pleasures: a slightly longer hug of my children; a quick extra trip to the coffee shop with my wife; a few phone calls to close friends; and the enjoyment of the safety and comfort of all I am surrounded by and possess.

I observe that it always the simple things that people say to me is what they miss when they suffer a loss and so it is a good opportunity for us to cherish what we have today.

Unfortunately grief and loss are a part of life but today is an opportunity for you to listen to those who need to speak, to speak those words you may be holding back, and to value all you are connected to and possess.

The Lord’s compassion and love reaches out to all who grieve and He reminds each of us to…

“Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep.”                        Romans 12:15

I hope that this week is filled with opportunities to connect with those you love and a celebration of all good things that your life contains.


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