Stood up

I paid for my parking, signed into the club, walked around the bistro, looked in the two bars and then I finally realised that I was actually on my own, in fact I had been ‘stood up’ – but the interesting thing was, I had not been ‘stood up’ by just one person but over 20 members of my regiment!

We had an arrangement to meet for afternoon drinks and to follow it with dinner but I was unable to join them for the afternoon and turned up at 6pm to find that they had all left and headed off to a different location for the meal. Feeling somewhat dejected I made a few phone calls and found out what was going on – the bistro was not able to handle the order and so the plans had changed and I had inadvertently been left out of the loop. I joked with the organiser that they went to very elaborate lengths to avoid spending any time with me!

I got back on my bike, headed home and enjoyed a nice consolation prize of dinner with the family but it made me think about other ‘Where are you’ moments in my life – there was the time when I arranged to meet my (then) fiancée at Chatswood station and she waited at the top of the stairs and I waited at the bottom – prior to the advent of mobile phones we simply waited, missed each other and headed to our homes. There was another time when I arranged to meet a colleague at ‘The Coffee Club’, I waited at Hornsby but he was waiting at the Central Coast!

When someone is forgotten or when they are ‘stood up’ they are flooded with feelings of isolation or disappointment – an opportunity is lost and there is no real way of making up for it.

There is a powerful image in the first book of the Bible where God is ‘stood up’ by Adam. Every afternoon they would walk together in ‘the cool of the day’ but on this particular occasion Adam was hiding because he had broken God’s command and sin surrounded him. Some of the saddest words ever recorded are when the Lord cries out “Adam, where are you?”

I don’t know when was the last time someone stood you up but here is a thought to ponder… how often have you missed spending time with the God who still loves to walk with His children in ‘the cool of the day’?


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