What is your ‘nic-name’?

Well it has finally happened – I officially have a ‘nic-name’… for the last few months I have been noticing that almost everyone in my Army unit gets referred to by something other than their real name. It is either a simplification like Jacko, Sando, Lobby, or a play on words like Frank (real name Bernard, supertall with a squarish head), Sarah (because his surname is Conner) or Chilly (because his surname is Freeze).

My nic-name came about because of a funeral I conducted a few weeks ago. Everything went smoothly during the proceedings except for when it came to sing the Hymns – there was an Army band attached to this event and a very enthusiastic singer as well – she had a fine voice with strong operatic timbre, the only problem was that where they positioned her was out of sight of most of the crowd – As the funeral commenced, they could only see myself and when it came to the first hymn it looked as if I was the one singing with the girly-operatic voice! It was not until the end of the funeral during the singing of the National Anthem that they realised that it was not my voice they were hearing.

Since then I have been referred to as The Voice and I think that it is going to stick – it is a sign of endearment and a bit of fun, which I am happy to entertain.

How you refer to people demonstrates the depth of relationship you feel. Those closest to you get pet names like Love, Darl, Sweetie, your friends get nic-names as we have already discussed but those with whom you have a distant or formal relationship get called by their full name or often their title as well; Dr, Mr, Mrs, Major… I expect that we have all made the mistake at sometime in our life of stepping over a line…

“Can I call you Mary?” “No, its Mrs Smith!”

The Lord is known by many names, Heavenly Father, Almighty God, Prince of Peace but I know that He desires a less formal relationship with each of us. Romans 8:15 says that we have the right to cry out “Abba Father” which simply means “Dad”. I hope your relationship with Him is close enough to do this because that is what is available to you.

The fact that the guys have started to call me The Voice shows me that I have developed close relationships and that I am valued. I hope you know how much you are valued today!


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