My New Friend…

Over the last two weeks I have found myself with a new friend… we have seen each other every day, interacted sporadically and, I think, we have got to know each other quite well.

It is a relationship with mutual respect and a high level of understanding but it is not what you would call a ‘functional friendship’. All the power in this relationship belongs to only one member and the will of that member dictates the terms of the relationship to the other.

Truth to tell, I have no power in this relationship at all but if I keep to the rules I will be OK but if I don’t, then watch out!

My new friend is a Plover.

It took me a few days to realise that my new friend was even there – I would walk past my office and I would see it out of the corner of my eye and think nothing of it. It wasn’t until I took a call outside my office that I realised that it was sitting in the same position as the day before. That afternoon it was still sitting there, in the middle of the bowling green, outside my office. This is when I made my first mistake – I walked over to the Plover because I thought it may have been injured and as I approached it began to squawk loudly. As I took another step it stood up (revealing three eggs), another step and it was in the air flying right at my head!

I ducked and turned around only to be swooped by the bird’s partner who, unbeknownst to me, had been keeping guard!

The last two weeks have been interesting – each morning I walk past my friend and it gives me a noisy welcome – occasionally I have taken a step towards it just to see the reaction – not a wise move! I have watched as the pair have warded off Cockatoos, Magpies, Dogs, small children and other Plovers – nothing has been allowed near…

I have also watched this Bird faithfully sit on her eggs throughout 7 days of continuous rain – not taking a break and never shirking her responsibility of care to safely ensure her chicks hatch.

It reminded me of the scripture which promises that the Lord will keep us safe under the ‘shadow of His wings’ – it is great to know that He cares for us so much and is willing to defend us as well. Our future is assured if we allow Him to care for us!


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