Hard Pressed…

For a moment it felt like I was in an Indiana Jones movie where the walls start to close in and there is no hope of escape…

but there was no suspense-filled music and no real danger at all…I was just being melodramatic.

What was really happening was that I was sitting in a plane flying to Perth and the person in front had just reclined their seat. This is of course perfectly normal behaviour and perfectly allowable but the seats in economy are so close together that unless you also recline your seat you are left with only just enough room to breathe. So I reached for the seat recline button only to find that it was not there, I looked to the other armrest but there was no button there either. Trying to work out what was going on I started to look around; I didn’t have to look too far. Right before my eyes on the back of the seat in front was a small sign, which read…

“The seats in this row do not recline so as

to not block the exit row behind”

So I was stuck…I didn’t have enough room to open my computer, I could not hold my book far enough away (I don’t need glasses, I just need longer arms!) and I couldn’t even watch the video screen as it was so close it gave me a headache (I also kept hearing the voice of my mother in my head saying “Don’t sit so close to the television – it will rot your brain!”)

My options were to try and get some sleep, to twist myself around and try to use my computer or to request that the person in front move their seat forward…I was about to ask for this last request when I noticed that the person in front of them had reclined their seat and the person in front of them had done the same – I was merely the last in a ‘chain reaction’ and there was nothing I could really do.

I have read reports about fights and arguments which have ensued over the “recline or not to recline” debate and no matter what my opinion was on the matter – there was nothing I could do.

Sometimes life presses in on us and we just have to wear it. The question is do you have the support you need when things get tight?

I am glad that even in the tight spaces the Lord is always with me…

“We are hard-pressed on every side, yet not crushed; we are perplexed, but not in despair. ” 2 Corinthians 4:8


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