An Intermittent Fault…

I had prepared a demonstration to illustrate that it was not working and would need to be repaired but as I pressed the ‘On’ button it sprang into life making me look very foolish indeed.

I received a fantastic ‘action camera’ for my birthday a number of months ago but from day one it had an ‘intermittent fault’. Sometimes it would work without issue but other times it would ‘lock up’ and completely fail to function.

I read up on the problem, I reinstalled the software, changed storage cards and did all that was asked and still the camera would glitch and would fail to live up to expectations. So I decided that it was time to take it back to the store to get it fixed…

When I arrived they told me that it would be no problem and they asked to see the fault (which had been happening consistently for the last 3 days) and as soon as I turned it on it decided to work perfectly. I tried a second time and it worked – as did the next 10 attempts. Because I was a bit embarrassed I decided that I would not return the camera and headed for home. You guessed it…when I tried the camera a few hours later, the fault was back and so I have decided that no matter what, it has to be replaced.

I think that permanent faults are easier to deal with than the intermittent ones – if someone always tells you lies then at least you know where you stand but if they bend the truth to suit the circumstances then you are left unsure.

If someone is always bad tempered you know not to ‘poke the bear’ but if their emotions blow ‘hot and cold’, you don’t know what you are going to get from day to day.

I have a number of permanent faults and some intermittent ones as well – but before you judge me – you probably do as well. The intermittent is what makes us unreliable or variable and whilst we try to address these flaws in our character we are not always successful.

This is of course one of the incredible attributes which makes connection with God so compelling – this is what He says about Himself – “I am the LORD, I do not change” (Mal 3:6)

So if you need something to rely on and to use as a foundation, don’t trust something with intermittent faults – Look to the Lord!


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