I love the smell but I don’t like the taste…

I love the smell but I don’t like the taste…

I do not have very finicky tastes when it comes to food and drink. There are only two foods I don’t like and one drink…both foods set hard if you leave them overnight (which is probably part of my aversion) porridge and rice pudding. My distain for these has never caused me much problem because I don’t have that many morning meetings with Scottish people and rice pudding is not all that fashionable…but my dislike of the beverage in question does set me apart from the crowd.

Against all popular opinion I do not like Coffee – in fact I cannot bear the taste of it.

Interestingly although, I love the smell of coffee but no matter how many times I try, I am yet to find any method of preparation, which makes it palatable. I don’t like International Roast, Pablo, Maxwell House, Nescafe, or Moccona. Espressos, Long Blacks, Lattes and Cappuccinos do nothing for me. Piccolo Lattes, Macchiatos and even Affogatos cannot change my dislike of the underlying flavour.

I remember on my 18th Birthday my next-door-neighbour went to great lengths to bake me my birthday cake – it was a beautiful looking cake and a real labour of love but as she carried it into the room I could smell the aroma of the coffee icing from across the room which changed it from a desert to be enjoyed to one that had to be endured.

I often get asked out for ‘Coffee’ by people, sometimes they will rave about a particular coffee shop which has great coffee; I recently walked past 4 coffee shops which were described as “rubbish” to get to one in particular that was “amazing” only to disappoint the person I was with when I ordered a Hot Chocolate.

There are things in this life that attract us by their aromas but they can leave a bad taste in our mouths. Selfishness, lying and infidelity may draw us from afar but when we experience them close at hand we are left bitter and wishing we had never taken a sip. Just because something smells or looks good from the outside doesn’t mean that it is going to do you good inside.

I am not equating coffee with sin or suggesting you should give it up but I am suggesting that we shouldn’t keep trying to enjoy something that we were never made for.

“How sweet are Your words to my taste, Sweeter than honey to my mouth!”        Psalms 119:103


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