Mind the gap!

The doors opened and I waited to step onto the train with a dozen or so others. When the disembarking passengers had cleared the path we moved forward and I noticed one young man looking intently at his phone as he stepped onto the train. The problem was that he didn’t manage to step all the way in and his foot found the gap between the station and the train and he stumbled and almost fell down.

He was fortunate because the ‘gap’ was not too large but depending on the station and the particular train carriage you happen to be on, the gap can be quite significant.

As the doors closed, I looked up and I noticed something else, there was a sign right there on the wall which read…

“Mind the gap!”

Watching this tiny drama unfold piqued my interest and so I did a little bit of research:

I found a series of disturbing videos showing people falling down ‘the gap’ between the carriage and the station; I found out that the first “Mind the gap!” sign was erected in the London Underground in 1968; I discovered that in Hong Kong the ‘Mind the gap!” announcement is made in three languages (Cantonese, English and Mandarin); I also found that you can buy a “Mind the Gap” Tee-shirt from the London transit authority; and, most disturbing of all, each year there are thousands of injuries reported world wide from people who have failed to “Mind the gap!”

As I said, each station and each train can be different so the ‘gap’ can vary significantly.

In the same way we can have ‘gaps’ in our lives which can be dangerous to navigate.

We can have gaps in our understanding.

We can have gaps in our experience.

We can have gaps in our circumstances.

The gaps we have may be present because of things we have missed out on or because of something someone has done to us. We may have gaps because we have been sick or injured or just because of the way the road of life has turned.

So there are two choices when you find a gap – step over it or close it. I am so thankful that I have found the One who is able to fix the gaps in my life so that I can walk with confidence!

How about you?

“And He shall be called the closer of the gap, the restorer of a home to dwell in.” Isaiah 58:12


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