A knock to the head…

He could remember his name, his age, the day of the week, and what he had been doing a few minutes before but he could not remember the accident or what happened immediately after…

I was visiting this young man in hospital who had suffered a pretty severe knock to the head after a fall of about five metres – at first there were concerns that he had spinal injuries but thankfully things were not as bad as they first seemed and he would be OK in time – just a bit fuzzy in the memory stakes for a couple of weeks.

It reminded me of a time when I couldn’t remember – I was the one who had fallen of my bike and knocked myself out – I recall that for weeks afterwards I struggled to remember some words and my reactions were slowed and I just felt like I was walking through a fog.

This week we have celebrated Remembrance Day – the commemoration of the moment that the guns fell silent at the end of the First World War. All over the country and around the world we slowed down for a few moments and remembered what had been sacrificed and achieved for us by those who have gone before.

The only thing that ensures that this memorial occurs and is taken seriously is our willingness and determination to remember.

When I left the hospital I went back to my car – or I attempted to go back to my car – the problem was that I was in a Hospital that I had never visited before and although I knew that I had parked on level 5 I had no idea how to get back through the ‘rabbit warren’ of corridors to where I was parked. Eventually after two failed attempts I circled around the building and climbed the staircase to find my car.

So many things surround us that we should remember: our PIN numbers; our passwords; where we parked our cars… but various ‘knocks to the head’ hinder us: our busyness; the complexity of life and; how long ago did we review the item that is important…

It would be a terrible thing if no-one remembered next Remembrance Day, it seems inconceivable but we don’t always recall the good others have done for us.

“Bless the LORD, and do not forget not all His benefits: … He satisfies your mouth with good things, and makes you new”       Psalms 103:2–5

Let’s make sure that we never forget all He has done!


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